Reasons behind the fame and name of WBV!

Finally, the world has become extremely health conscious. People are marching towards health oriented routines with reliable and effective results. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone has lots of money and time to join fitness centers. This attributes to the hunt for WBV machines. Technically, WBV is an affordable gym equipment that nurtures the entire body. Personally, I consider WBV as a whole body workout.

A Personal Gym

It’s high time to change your living room into a personal gym! Don’t consider this as an expensive move. Personally, I have a WBV workout space in my house. Though the machine is remarkably compact and portable, it is extremely effective. The sensible equipment has saved me from excess weight gain. My day remains incomplete without a WBV session.

My Confidence, My WBV!

The WBV platform comes in two different forms, namely the oscillating machine and linear model. Each of these entities have special features and characteristics. I own an oscillating WBV machine. It is designed to burn fat, tone muscles and shape the entire body. The sensational workout machine has changed my lifestyle! Today, I feel confident and strong. The machine forces my muscles to undergo serious contracts. It is a pure combination of weight lifting and crunches. Ten minutes in the WBV workout machine is equivalent to 60 minutes of gym-based workouts. The WBV machine devours real, effective results! The WBV machine helped me lose several pounds of weight. My positive experience has convinced many people about the machine’s potent and powerful nature. Above all, the platform will not force you to go through stern workout routines. You can exercise at the comforts of your home and in your very own pace.

Five amazing benefits of WBV

Here is a quick review through the machine’s most common benefits:
1) The machine will make you flexible. It will lubricate your joints and relieve you from pain.
2) The workout would tone your muscles. When compared against conventional routines, the WBV machine delivers better results.
3) It is a complete cardiovascular technique that transports oxygen throughout the entire body. Improved circulation will result in a better tomorrow! Additionally, the workout eradicates the presence of cellulites and leaves the skin smooth!
4) The workout will reduce your blood pressure and speed up recovery!
5) Finally, WBV workouts are likely to boost metabolism and stabilize your body’s glucose levels!

Technical Facts About Whole Body Vibration

In this modern era, mankind is running towards something unseen and unknown! Everyone is trying to catch time and control space. However, the older populace tends to suffer with instability, unbalanced motions and prevalent falls. Elders with serious injuries and health complications are likely to become weak & feeble. In such scenarios, what would you do? How will you fight against age-oriented health problems? If you are wondering and pondering over this question, feel lucky! In this article, I am ought to talk about an amazing machine that resolves health issues in a hassle free order. The workout machine is meant for the young and the old.

The quest for immediate relief

As you age, your muscles and bones will become extremely weak. Additionally, the bone density would decrease and result in brittle bones. This will have a massive impact on your coordination and balance. All these issues will become worse, when they compound. This is why you should hunt for an immediate resolution. In accordance with the very adage, “The Sooner the Better”; you must search for a hasty solution.

The growth of WBV

A recent study proved the need for methods that would rejuvenate the body’s overall vigor, without the help of drugs or supplements. This attributes to the inception of vibration based training. Whole body vibration techniques have being around for several centuries. However, the strategy became extremely famous only in the past 15 years. Today, doctors, trainers and fitness therapists tend to depend on the assistance devoured by vibration methods.

Interesting benefits of WBV

Unlike many other fitness machines, whole body vibration tones the muscles, prevents bone loss, improves agility, balances the hormones and fine tunes weight loss. These are few prudent benefits from the technique. Nevertheless, the ultimate results would differ from one person to another. The final impact is controlled by the following artifacts:

1) The exercisers age! My uncle, who was 38, witnessed a better “change” than my grandma, who was in her late 70s.
2) The exercisers needs! Individuals with lots of needs and requirements will require harder and longer exercises. Instead, if your only goal is weight loss, you can engage in simpler workouts.
3) The exercisers health condition! Patrons with serious health issues must follow simple exercises with a predetermined amount of stress and strain. On the other hand, if you are hale and hearty, you can perform tough, tiring WBV workouts.

Two Types of WBV

The whole body vibration technique revolves around two different strategies. These platforms comprise of different features and unique traits. For instance, the Tri-Angular Vibration System moves like a see-saw. The machine has vertical and horizontal movements. The platform oscillates from 1 to 15 mm. This is a widely used WBV platform. Secondly, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts make use of Tri Planar platforms. The latter is said to be harder and stronger, than the Tri-Angular Oscillating platform.
The WBV platform produces results by creating involuntary contractions. “Stretch Reflex” is a very common type of muscular contraction. The exercise stretches tendons and tones the muscles. This makes WBV a complete muscular workout system.

A quick walk through the Nicks and Knacks of A Whole Body Vibration Machine!

Whole body vibration machine is an equipment for neuromuscular training that would enhance the strength, balance and power of muscles. The intuitive machine is developed with lots of care and concern. It has a platform, where patrons can sit, stand and turn. Moreover, you can perform common routines like squats and pushups on the machine. The un-weighted strengthen routines will have a study impact on your overall posture. According to fitness enthusiasts the whole body vibration therapy has to be customized to suite your health needs. Users are allowed to control the machine’s speed, the workout’s duration and frequency. As the vibrator’s intensity increases, you will witness a whole new level of fitness.

A Machine For everyone!

I have used the vibration training for several years. The vibrating machine has enhanced my muscles. The isometric exercises changed my overall vigor. As seen in many videos and charts, the body vibration machine has produced consistent results. This is a major reason behind the fame and name of vibration therapy. From seniors to juniors, everyone in my family makes use of the whole body vibration machine. For instance, my grandma has knee osteoarthritis. She uses the machine to enhance her muscular strength. The machine will let you perform small exercise portions like squats, lunges and dips in a hassle free order.

Using the Fitness Machine Safely

Patrons with different types of disabilities consider the vibration platform as a perfect place for stress relief and stability. The machine has special options for people, who are not able to cope up with regular strengthening exercises. When done properly, the vibration therapy would have a massive impact on your cardiovascular system. Additionally, those with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease will find the exercising machine extremely useful. The vibration therapy will increase your flexibility, stability, strength and balance. The therapy is ideal for individuals who are above their nineties. Your quantity and quality of life will become better; if you use the whole body vibration machine safely.

The fight against Osteoarthritis!

The vibration machine is designed to enhance the user’s flexibility. In just 90 seconds, the machine would release synovial fluids into the joints. This would lubricate the joints and stabilize the tendons instantaneously! Conversely, individuals with Osteoarthritis will benefit from the exercise greatly. The training loosens stiff muscles and releases joints with restricted movements! Moreover, when oxygen is circulated through the joints and muscles, damages would be healed rapidly. This is because the machine decreases muscle cramps, joint pains and friction.

Boost Your Bone Density!

Moving on, the vibration machine will boost your bone density. This is a very interesting benefit that is not known by many individuals. The bone density decreases with age. The phenomenon is remarkably significant amongst post menopausal women. Recent research showed that the whole body vibration machine thwarts the deterioration of bone density. Hence, it decreases the chances of osteoporosis in women. In addition to milk and cheese, you must engage in vibrating therapy to sense permanent relief.

Ahhh… What a Perfect Relief?

Another indispensible benefit devoured by the vibration platform would be “Recovery”. Muscle recovery is an important artifact demanded by exercisers. Fitness enthusiasts tend to make use of the whole body vibration machine when they wish to recover from physical workouts. The machine will save you from extensive soreness and stiffness. It is a powerful massage with many benefits. From leg pain to knee cramps, the machine will delight you with long term benefits. So, Ahhh… what a relief would it be when someone massages your limbs! The vibration therapy is a perfect therapy against pain, soreness, stiffness and cramps.